Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yesterday's game was a heartbreaker. We were down by as many as 9 runs but whittled the deficit to one run in the bottom of the last inning. With runners on second and third, and me on deck (being 2 for 2 with a double and two runs), we grounded to the pitcher to end the inning and the game. One run loss. Sucks ass. At least I had a couple of highlight reel catches in centerfield. The centerfield tandem of myself and my fellow HLS '09er AG made for some spectacular defense up the middle. It was our baserunning that killed us.

Anyway, today I'm out of work a bit early; tonight I have a dinner discussion with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. I'll try and ask a tough question or get a photo. Or maybe neither -- I'm feeling kind of lazy. We'll see what goes down and I'll report back tomorrow (as if you care).

Peace out cub scouts.
Felix el Negro

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Funny Because It's True...

And while we're on the Congressional Softball League, tell me this isn't a hilarious commentary on the state of modern partisanship and ideology in society. A bit of recent history:

Softball on the Mall Was Bipartisan Fun Till Politics Intruded
Congressional League Is Hit By Republican Secession; 'Welfare Bracketology'
April 24, 2006; Page A1

WASHINGTON -- Starting this week, hundreds of young Capitol Hill aides will indulge in an annual rite of spring here by changing out of their business suits and heading over to the National Mall to play in the Congressional Softball League.

Amid all the partisan rancor of congressional politics, the softball league has for 37 years been a rare case of bipartisan civility, an opportunity for Democratic and Republican aides to sneak out of work a bit early and take the field in the name of the lawmaker, committee or federal agency they work for.

This year, the league will be missing something: a lot of the Republicans.

During the off-season, a group of Republican teams seceded from the league after accusing its Democratic commissioner, Gary Caruso, of running a socialist year-end playoff system that gives below-average teams an unfair chance to win the championship.

The league "is all about Softball Welfare -- aiding the weak by punishing the strong," the pitcher of one Republican team told Mr. Caruso in an email. "The commissioner has a long-standing policy of punishing success and rewarding failure. He's a Democrat. Waddya' expect?" read another email, from Gary Mahmoud, the coach of BoehnerLand, a team from the office of Republican Majority Leader John Boehner.

The softball coup is a "reflection of how partisan and Republican this town has really become since Republicans took control," responds Mr. Caruso, a longtime Democratic aide who worked for congressmen in the 1980s and '90s. "Republicans come here and want to bash your head in. And if they don't get their way, they pick up the ball and go home."

The commissioner of the secessionist league is Anthony Reed, 31 years old, a legislative aide to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R., Ill.) and the coach of Denny's Grand Slam. Mr. Reed and a small group of unhappy coaches formed this new league and persuaded 110 of the 190 teams in the old league to withdraw and join them. Not all the teams in the new league are from Republican offices, but the rebellion was predominantly led by GOP teams, including Denny's Grand Slam, BoehnerLand, the 1040 Slashers, who represent Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas, and a team of staffers from the office of Republican Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio.

Mr. Reed says the secession had nothing to do with partisanship and everything to do with how the old league was run.

Congressional aides have played softball on the Mall for decades in a handful of leagues. Before the coup, two main leagues existed for Capitol Hill aides -- a Senate league, which includes mostly teams from Senate offices, and the Congressional Softball League, which is open to teams mainly from House lawmakers, executive-branch agencies and Capitol Hill restaurants.

The congressional league is a relaxed affair: No umpires call balls and strikes, so batters don't have to swing until they get a pitch they like. Fields are open to the public, so most teams dispatch an intern or junior aide to reserve a field several hours before game time. And after games, teams often head to a bar to recap the game over chicken wings and pitchers of beer.
The league allows any team to enter as long as it pays a registration fee. Dozens of non-Capitol Hill teams play each year, including a formidable crew of security guards from the Smithsonian Institution. (While working for another publication, this reporter pitched for the Roll Call Edit-Orioles.)

About 26 years ago, Mr. Caruso, who is now a 55-year-old Democratic political consultant, started a year-end tournament to decide the championship.

As in most traditional tournaments, teams in the Congressional Softball League are ranked from first to last based on their records during the regular season. Most sports tournaments reward good play during the regular season by setting up a playoff system that allows the best teams to play only lower-seeded teams until the final rounds. The No. 1-ranked team, for example, would play the worst team; while the No. 2 team would play the second-worst team, and so on. The theory is that this way top teams won't eliminate each other in early rounds.

In contrast, Mr. Caruso's tournament gives every team a decent chance of making it to the final rounds of the playoffs by allowing teams in the first round of playoffs to play opponents with similar records. Mr. Caruso's team of Democratic press secretaries, called the Yellow Journalists, has won the championship twice.

Many Republican teams say the system punished good teams by making them play other good teams early in the playoffs. "What's the regular season for?" asks Mr. Reed, the commissioner of the new league. "It's very irritating to teams like ours who are 12-0."

Near the end of last season, Mr. Reed and a few dozen other coaches emailed Mr. Caruso to complain about the playoff system.

The email prompted a barrage of partisan back-and-forth. One note to Mr. Caruso said that top teams "are being screwed by your Softball Welfare Bracketology." Mr. Caruso responded by saying the Republicans were suffering from "election campaign withdrawal." In an Aug. 16, 2005, email, Mr. Caruso wrote: "I prefer to call your seeding proposal to favor the few at the top opposed to the many below them as 'special rights for your agenda to wage class warfare' on the more relaxed teams."

Mr. Caruso's response prompted the Republicans to begin organizing their own league with a more traditional playoff system. "It's competition, you know. We are not here to encourage people, we are here to pick the best team," wrote Matthew Skipper, the coach of the team formerly known as the Yeas and Neys, after Ohio's Mr. Ney. When Mr. Ney stepped down from the chairmanship of the House Administration Committee in January amid a Justice Department corruption probe, the team changed its name to the Committee on House Domination.

Not all the teams in the new league are Republicans. A few Democratic squads withdrew from the league and joined the rebellion, including Mass's Asses, a team of Democratic aides from Massachusetts. "Come 6:30 on Thursdays, we just want to play ball," says Kenny Ames, the team's coach. We'll play Republicans, Democrats, socialists, conservatives and the Green Party -- anyone that can pull together a team."

Other teams in the new league include traditional Republican powerhouse Fat, Drunk & Awesome from the House Homeland Security Committee, the Lawn Wranglers from the offices of several Texas Republicans and Moderately Sober, from the office of centrist Republican Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R., N.Y.).

"It's pretty well known that most of the competitive teams and most of the fun teams are Republican," says Bob Honold, the captain of one Republican team. "Maybe we are just more talented people."

Mr. Caruso will remain the commissioner of the old league, now only about one-third its size last year. "It used to be that softball was one of the few things in Washington that both parties agreed on," he says. "Now that is coming to an end, too."

Simmering Softball Rage

Today after work I will hop into a telephone booth (when was the last time you saw one of those?) and adorn my Mets hat, matching shirt, and overpriced Nikes that probably were hand-crafted by a Indonesian kid with three fingers to rush and play my second Congressional Softball League game on the mall.

I didn't come into last week's game until the second inning. Brought in as a relief pitcher I lasted five innings, gave up two earned runs, and had four strikeouts (this is slow-pitch softball, mind you). No Pedro Martinez but give it some time. I also went 1 for 3 at the plate with a HR and 2 RBIs. Despite the fact that I had more beers than hits (and strikeouts, actually) my team ended up utterly destroying the opposition, 13-5.

Today we face a tougher task in a group of seasoned veterans from a progressive/liberal political consulting firm. This ought to be fun. I'll certainly post tonight if I end up thrown out of the game for intentionally hitting too many batters!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Confirm Gorsuch for Tenth!

Early this summer I had the pleasure of meeting, among other DOJ bigshots, Neil Gorsuch. Mr. Gorsuch is a fellow Harvard Law product (well, he will be once I'm a HLS product myself), a fellow conservative, and we share other ties that I'd rather not mention here (no, I'm not from Colorado).

Well, I just found out that tomorrow the Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on whether or not to confirm good Mr. Gorsuch to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit!

Here's notice of the nomination:


May 9th, 2006 - WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (R-Colorado) said President Bush informed him Tuesday that he intends to nominate Colorado native Neil Gorsuch to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. “I am pleased the White House has nominated someone with strong Colorado roots and impeccable credentials,” Senator Allard said. “He is extremely qualified for this position.” “Neil Gorsuch is a top-flight nominee for the appellate bench,” Senator Allard said. “He is a fourth-generation Coloradan with extensive court experience and the appropriate judicial temperament.” “I look forward to working with the White House to ensure this nomination moves through the Senate quickly,” Senator Allard added.

Mr. Gorsuch, a native of Denver, is a graduate of Harvard Law School (cum laude) and holds a Doctorate in Legal Philosophy from Oxford University. After clerking for a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge, he was chosen to be a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. After gaining extensive experience in litigating complex cases in federal court while in private practice, Mr. Gorsuch was named Principal Deputy to the Associate Attorney General of the United States. He is the son of former Environmental Protection Agency Director Ann Gorsuch. “It is critical that this position on the appeals court be filled as soon as possible. Mr. Gorsuch has demonstrated that he has the qualifications and experience required, and I will urge my Senate colleagues to confirm this nomination in a timely fashion,” Senator Allard said.

If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Mr. Gorsuch will fill the vacancy left by Judge Dave Ebel.

He clerked for White and Kennedy. This guy is scary smart, trust me. And he is approachable and boasts a great sense of humor.

Good luck to Mr. Gorsuch.

This is my new sig in all emails...the entire article damnit...

This GQ article could've been written by an ex-girlfriend. Too bad more women don't know. Well, here's me doing my part. Public Service Announcement:


Ten (and a half) reasons why Republicans—yes, Republicans—are the best party in bed
By Anonymous

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’d think Democrats would be better in the sack, because they’re usually, well…better human beings in general. Plus, they’re so em-oh-tional and sen-sitive and they genuinely care about your day. And how you feel. And how you felt yesterday. “Is there anything you need?” they whimper. Oh, shutthefuckup! This is sex we’re talking about! After numerous years of intensive research on both sides of the aisle—and sometimes in the aisle—I am here to report that Republican men (except the closet cases) are infinitely better to have sex with. Here’s why.

A Republican man will never whine in the middle of the night—let alone in the middle of screwing you—about the girlfriend/wife/whatever he is “devastating” by sleeping with you. He just does it. It’s all about him—he needs to be the best you ever had, and that can be a good thing if your getting off is contingent on his. He doesn’t even stay for breakfast. (Though if you do make him breakfast, he is eternally grateful and will go down on you for another several hours.) One word: pancakes!

A Republican man will never, ever cry. Not on election night (no matter what happens). Not when you’re breaking up with him (what, you think he cared?). Not even when he’s having “a problem I’ve never had before, really, I’m not kidding, I swear.”

I’ve dated Democrats whose nights have been ruined (forever!) due to some stupid-ass comment by Bill Frist on Hardball. I’ve watched them go all mopey, argue with the TV…and then their little weenies disappear. Not so with GOPers. Republicans, particularly when naked, do not want to sit around and talk about Social Security privatization. Or Iraq, for chrissake. Or why (oh, boo hoo, get over it!) Kerry lost. They don’t even want to sit around naked and talk about George W. Bush. They just want you to sit on them.

Republicans are happy to watch Jon Stewart with you. They think he’s a riot. They don’t parse every word he says in an effort to figure out if “The Huffington Post” will approve. They just laugh, pour another cocktail, and decide upon which couch they will fuck your brains out after the show.

Democrats often need something incredibly erotic—like Meet the Press—to get revved up, particularly on a Sunday morning (there are only so many sections of The New York Times). Republicans, on the other hand, don’t even need Fox News to get it up. They understand that foreplay is about sex. And lots of it. Democrats are too busy checking if the condoms you keep in the jar by the bed are good for the environment. And by the time they figure that out, we’ve all lost our erections.

It is absolutely, positively, 100 percent true that Republicans have bigger dicks. Just ask Lynne Cheney. (Dick is the Liam Neeson of Washington!)

Republicans are much more likely to whip their dicks out during the cab ride back from dinner. (This is not an urban myth.) They are also more inclined to get started in the elevator, pin you against a wall, do you on the kitchen sink, wherever. Democrats bring jammies, spend at least twenty minutes prior to “sex time” doing God knows fucking what in the bathroom, and then emerge with a big grin that says: “After all I did for you supporting equal pay and abortion rights, the least you could do is make love to me.” Democrats always think you owe them. Republicans, because they’ve never done a goddamn thing for you, have no such delusions.

Republicans have great taste in restaurants and will never make the wussiest of pre-date proposals: “You pick.” They understand that a woman wants a guy who knows how to pick a restaurant by himself. And who doesn’t feel the need to tell you what Zagat said about it before you get there. A Republican also knows how to order wine without getting all prissy about it, never dissects the bill (they don’t even look at it!), and will never, ever—ever—say, “Well, yes, I think that’s fair; your half comes to $39.25, but you had one more drink than I did,” if you offer to pay. They won’t let you think about offering to pay. This is so sexy! The best part: There’s never any guilt involved; we all know they got their tax break.

Republicans will never send you group e-mails that consist of the entire text of Al Gore’s last speech (that was “woefully underreported” but “I knew you’d want to read it in its entirety”). Or the sign-up sheet for Democracy in Action, or whatever the hell those weirdos from the Howard Dean campaign are up to now. Or forms to send your congressperson because something terrible is happening to some woman you don’t know in Niger. (And you’d better send it to a hundred more friends or her labia will be removed tonight!!!) Nah. Republicans send e-mails that say: “I can’t wait to eat your pussy.”

You will never hear a Republican say, “Let’s just cuddle and read The New Yorker tonight.” They understand you do not want reading materials in bed. You want a man.

Yes, Republicans are the better lay—but only the Republicans you’ve never heard of. The more prominent they are, the less fuckable they are. The opposite is true of Democrats. Think about it. Is there any woman on the face of the earth who wouldn’t fuck Bill Clinton? (Didn’t think so.) But with a gun to your head, could you even think of doing Santorum? DeLay? Lott? Yuck, yuck, yuck! Okay, with a gun to our head, we might do W. And Cheney. Definitely Cheney. As long as we’re blindfolded. (But that’s okay. Republicans are into that, too.)

*The author wishes to remain anonymous for fear of cutting off her supply

How Rove Will Save the GOP in 06

The President's Secret IMs:

Wonderboy is obviously Rove, with the other guy being...Dubya (surprise!)

Chat with Wonderboy6:28 a.m.

Kickass43: red rovr red rovr I call karl ovr!!

Wonderboy: Thanks for unblocking my screen name, Mr. President.Wonderboy: It's great to be chatting with you again.

Kickass43: gd 2 hav u bak on tha a team budKickass43: tho these days its more tha c teamKickass43: mayb evn tha zzzzz team

Wonderboy: I'm all too aware of that, sir.Wonderboy: It's been frustrating for me not to be of more help.Wonderboy: But those days are now behind us.Wonderboy: I'm proud to be back in the saddle again.

Kickass43: yeh
Kickass43: scootys takin tha hit 4 dat plame chik

Wonderboy: Of course we'll stick by our friends.
Wonderboy: But it's important that nothing else distracts us in the run-up to 06.Wonderboy: We've gotta lot of work to do.

Kickass43: duhKickass43: uv bin in tha time capshul not me
Kickass43: no offens bud but wile uv bin yakkin up lawyrs...
Kickass43: & rearranjin ur dsk...
Kickass43: ive bin takin it bad out here
Kickass43: rope-a-dope
Kickass43: lemme tell u...
Kickass43: boltass & tony aint helpin
Kickass43: im reelin...
Kickass43: faces swolln...
Kickass43: blood porin outta my mouth...
Kickass43: im like: cut tha i! cut tha i!
Kickass43: theyr like: hmmm
Kickass43: mayb we shud chanj ur shorts
Kickass43: not likin tha color
Kickass43: shudda gon wit red
Kickass43: looks bttr on tv

Wonderboy: So let's get back on track.
Wonderboy: Cut the eye.
Wonderboy: Do what we gotta do.
Wonderboy: If we lose 06 it won't be your staff who'll get the blame.
Wonderboy: Our...
Wonderboy: * your *
Wonderboy: legacy is at stake here.

Kickass43: xactamundo
Kickass43: K
Kickass43: so wats tha plan?????

Wonderboy: Let me pull up some notes I've been keeping...
Wonderboy: oops not those notes...
Wonderboy: thought THOSE had been shredded...
Wonderboy: give me a sec...

Kickass43: u want me 2 play tha jepordy musik or wat
Kickass43: don't hav alotta time karl
Kickass43: securty briefin comin up @ 7

Wonderboy: I'm very sorry sir...
Wonderboy: don't have the file space I used to have...
Wonderboy: not since Josh moved me to this new space...
Wonderboy: he took out the brooms and buckets but the hooks are still here...
Wonderboy: it's a little tight...
Wonderboy: ok here are the notes
Wonderboy: ive put them in memo form
Wonderboy: I'll shoot you a copy via email
Wonderboy: (lets keep this to ourselves for now, i.e. DON'T FORWARD)
Wonderboy: working title is "The Looming Democratic Nightmare"

Kickass43: thot 06 wuz r loomin frikkin nitemare

Wonderboy: exactly
Wonderboy: but it won't be if we can make the base understand...
Wonderboy: the disaster for the country...
Wonderboy: if the dems take back the house
Wonderboy: in short: it's scare time

Kickass43: dats not wat tone or boltass sez
Kickass43: "don't 4get compashun"
Kickass43: so like wit immigrashun
Kickass43: we gotta b tuff BUT "frendly" 2 r illegl amigos
Kickass43: send blak hawk chopprs 2 patrol tha brdrs BUT...
Kickass43: drop watr bttls not boms

Wonderboy: Sure that would work...
Wonderboy: if our base lived in Malibu...
Wonderboy: & were the types who brought daily starbucks to our illegal amigos...
Wonderboy: who hang around the tax-payer subsidized ...
Wonderboy: illegal employment/daycare/walk-in health care/spa & yoga centers
Wonderboy: but it aint gonna fly anywhere else, sir.

Kickass43: so wat u sayin bud?

Wonderboy: It's all laid out in the memo, sir...
Wonderboy: but the thrust is this:
Wonderboy: [cut to b&w attack ad--a worried woman's voice-over]Wonderboy: "Do we really want a country...
Wonderboy: "in which our critical intelligence is in the hands of...Wonderboy: Alcee Hastings?"

Kickass43: ?

Wonderboy: He's the former judge from Florida who was impeached for taking bribes. For reasons known only to those whacky Florida voters he was elected to Congress...

Kickass43: rite

Wonderboy: ...and is in line to be the next head of the intelligence committee if the dems win.

Kickass43: no way

Wonderboy: Way, sir.

Kickass43: dats nuts!

Wonderboy: It gets scarier...
Wonderboy: [back to attack ad]
Wonderboy: "Do we really want a country...
Wonderboy: "in which the Patriot Act and other critical legal tools for fighting terrorism...
Wonderboy: "are in the hands of John Conyers?"

Kickass43: tha x commie??!!
Kickass43: :-O

Wonderboy: That's strong, sir.
Wonderboy: "Far left radical" is more accurate.
Wonderboy: But yes: Conyers is the likely candidate to head the Justice Committee.

Kickass43: omg

Wonderboy: There's more.
Wonderboy: Imagine this:
Wonderboy: "The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House."


Wonderboy: Something is wrong with your text function, sir.

Kickass43: dat wuz my hed hittin tha kbord

Wonderboy: Ha.
Wonderboy: I know.
Wonderboy: Can't you see it?!
Wonderboy: "Shall I perform this gay marriage personally...
Wonderboy: or let the House chaplain do it?"

Kickass43: we hav 2 stop dis!!!!

Wonderboy: And we will.
Wonderboy: But our success will depend on one thing and one thing only.

Kickass43: ?

Wonderboy: We gotta let "kickass" be "kickass" again.
Wonderboy: It's time to let you out of the ring, sir.
Wonderboy: Bring back the cowboy.
Wonderboy: The timing couldn't be more perfect,
Wonderboy: We're coming up to ranch season again.
Wonderboy: Let's see you cut brush with your teeth and bare hands.
Wonderboy: Throw away the saw.

Kickass43: ur jokin rite

Wonderboy: Just about the teeth and bare hands.
Wonderboy: Seriously, Mr. President.
Wonderboy: They've turned you into a housecat.
Wonderboy: Quivering before Iran.
Wonderboy: Apologizing about Iraq.
Wonderboy: Caving in to the illegals.
Wonderboy: Have we still got Zarqawi's head?
Wonderboy: Let's throw it up on a spike on the White House gates!

Kickass43: NOW ur jokin

Wonderboy: Yes, that time I was joking.
Wonderboy: Wouldn't want to alienate Karen's beloved soccer moms.

Kickass43: y don't we pack it up & send it 2 r bud mahmood in iran
Kickass43: "how u like dis * insentiv pkg * u asswipe?

Wonderboy: I like it, sir.
Wonderboy: Very Roman.
Wonderboy: That's the kickass we need now.
Wonderboy: Check out the memo.
Wonderboy: I've made some other suggestions.
Wonderboy: For starters: land mines along the Mexican border.
Wonderboy: Another thing: Let's hold some hearings of energy execs.
Wonderboy: Let THEM defend the gas prices.

Kickass43: WAT?

Wonderboy: Not seriously, sir!
Wonderboy: I said "hearings."
Wonderboy: Not "trials."
Wonderboy: Why should YOU be blamed for their $400 million retirement packages...
Wonderboy: and multi-billion profits?
Wonderboy: Hearings would switch the blame to the oil companies...
Wonderboy: without you actually having to do anything.
Wonderboy: (except maybe issuing a 500-page "report"sometime late in 07)
Wonderboy: Rows of oil guys taking the oath...
Wonderboy: That's at least a five point jump in the polls.

Kickass43: rover ive gotta git 2 my briefin
Kickass43: its nerly 7
Kickass43: but lemme say jus1 thing

Wonderboy: Sure, sir.
Wonderboy: What is it?

Kickass43: MISSD u bud
Kickass43: glad ur bak

Wonderboy: I've missed you too, Mr. President.

Kickass43 has left the chat.

Damned Hill Bias

So Wonkette decides she's gonna have a Hill Intern Hotties Contest.

Now this doesn't bother Felix in the slightest; it's a great idea. Profiling and providing pictures of the hottest college-aged interns on the Hill only makes his life that much easier. There all bound to be found at one of the trusty old Capitol bars anyway (read: Capitol Lounge, Hawk and Dove, Mickeys, Penn Ave Pour House, Poltiki, River Grill, Tortilla Coast, etc.).

My beef is the damned discriminations. She's already profiled the White House Hotties (including the insanely sexy Heidi Marquez Smith though she missed even sexier Sonya Elissa Medina), and now she's got this one for the Hill interns...

...but what about we the brilliant, delicious, voraciously ambitious, and damned sexy FEDERAL AGENCY HOTTIES?! We can't get no love?

For shame, Wonkette. A tear would drop from my eye but I'm too tired to cry.

I think I'll boycott the voting or something. Sing "We Shall Overcome" or something. Or maybe I'll do nothing but bitch and rant and rave on my blog that nobody reads (yet).


Swords -- Just Bad All Around

After reading this account of how a Chinese wife skewered her husband when he refused to cook her dinner, I'm glad that:

A) I don't believe in all that feminist mumbo-jumbo. My wife won't know how to wield a sword. Shoot our guns at intruders, maybe. But act like Senora Zorro and stabbin' a Negro? No, thank you.

B) I didn't holla at that really cute girl I met at a Russell Office building event last night. She was a Sikh American, with her entirely family was there (I think). And Sikh men carry swords! I mean, I would've gotten a word out to her and a BOOM! Kirpan in the gut.


Regular Posting to Commence...Oh, say, now.

Hello Folks,

Okay, I know I've been lamer than FDR's legs (too soon?) for not posting sooner. But now that I'm acclimated here in DC (a number of drunken evenings later), have the complete confidence of my supervisor (yeah right), and have a bar for every night of the week (no, really) I'm ready to post regularly.

So yeah, the job sucks. Fuck the fed. At least I get paid and it affords me time to blog, right?

The dorming situation ain't too bad. Aside from the predictable inter-big-group-of-nerds drama and the daily which-girl-is-sleeping-with-the-one-player-of-the-group antics, things have been pretty chill. I've outfitted my room properly and the fridge is stacked with the essentials: beer, beer, more beer, and Bombay Sapphire and tonic water. MMMmmm.

Alright, I'm back to work. Will post more later. Maybe I'll find some juicy tidbits from the Rapanos decision.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Senate confirms General Michael V. Hayden as Director of Central Intelligence.



Senate confirms President Bush's Staff Secretary Brett Kavanagh to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.


Testing and Such.

Testing the image function on this. I'm not tech-savvy, though I've blogged before. Didn't know how to add images to my posts, though, until now.



This is a test. This is only a test. Well, that and an avenue for procrastination over the course of the next 5 hours. I have to finish my honors thesis in order to graduate. It is due at noon. My head is going to explode.


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